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The premier source of information for the management of patients with Dysphagia

Nutilis Training

1. Dysphagia training for Nursing Homes

Nutricia Medical provides training that facilitates the continual professional development of nurses and care attendants in the management of Dysphagia. The aim of the training is to enhance knowledge and understanding of the condition of Dysphagia, and of the multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and care of patients with Dysphagia. The training consists of a 1.5 hour presentation that includes the following:

  • Introduction – the normal swallow process
  • Aetiology of Dysphagia
  • Signs and symptoms of Dysphagia
  • Complications of Dysphagia
  • Dietary management of Dysphagia
  • Malnutrition in patients with Dysphagia
  • Treatment of malnutrition in patients with Dysphagia

After the training participants will receive certification from Nutricia Medical. If you would like to find out more information on this training please contact your local Nutricia Medical Representative or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact our Freephone number: (ROI) 1800 923 404 (NI) 0800 783 4389

2. Nutilis Catering Training

Neil Palliser-Bosomworth is an independent consultant Chef working exclusively with Nutricia Medical to train individuals on how to use Nutilis to prepare tasty and safe food and drinks for patients with dysphagia.

Previously he worked for many years in a number of NHS hospitals and as Head Chef at the Marie Curie Hospice & St Oswalds Hospice in the UK. As a result he has vast experience of catering for a diverse patient population and their specific medical needs. Neil spends the majority of his time training hospital and nursing home chefs, care attendants, nurses and other health care professionals on how to cater for the needs of patients with swallowing difficulties and high protein/ high energy dietary requirements.

During his training session Neil shows demonstrates techniques, tips and tricks for presenting texture modified meals in the most appealing way, using piping and scooping techniques as well as special food moulds. His training also covers how to thicken drinks, how to increase the nutritional quality and variety of dysphagia meals, how to use different taste sensations to promote swallow and he also addresses any specific questions or issues individuals may experience when modifying the consistency of meals.

If you would like to request a training session with Neil on how to use Nutilis please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact our Freephone number: (ROI) 1800 923 404 (NI) 0800 783 4389


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