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Nutilis Clear - Now Available in Republic of Ireland

Simply stir in for great results


Nutilis Clear is now GMS listed and available in the Republic of Ireland. This is a transparent fluid and food thickener designed to maintain the original appearance of drinks and liquids, which may improve compliance and improve fluid intake.

Nutilis Clear is very simple to use. Just add the powder to a glass and stir immediately for 15-30 seconds. It thickens rapidly and does not continue to thicken.(1)

Nutilis Clear - just 3 simple steps

Nutilis Clear does not change the taste or smell of the drink. As per the entire Nutilis range of products, Nutilis Clear has amylase resistant features for a safer swallow.(2)

Free Nutilis Clear resources for you and your patient:

Nutilis Clear Patient Information Packs Patient Information Packs are now available to order online. These packs include a Safe Swallowing Guide, mixing chart and a letter for the patient's GP.
Nutilis Clear Scoop Guidelines Download the Nutilis Clear Scoop Guidelines, a guide to how much Nutilis Clear is required for each grade.

Nutilis Clear is available in a 175g tin, and 58 grade 2 drinks can be thickened with 1 tin.The GMS price is €8.19 which works out at €0.14 per 200ml grade 2 drink.(3)

Give your patients the benefits of Nutilis Clear!

Nutilis Clear: Transparent Results, Simple to Use, Great Taste



1. Oudhuis A, Vallons K. Presented at ESSD 2011. Data on file.
2. Oudhuis L et al. Clin Nutr Suppl. 2011;6(1):18(OP043)


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