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How Many Tins Of Nutilis Powder?

Nutilis Powder

Ever wondered how many tins of Nutilis Powder a patient will need per month?

We have been asked this question a few times and so we put together a chart to help with the calculation.

The chart was developed as a useful guide on the number of tins of Nutilis Powder a patient would use, based on their grade of swallow. The calculations were based on a target fluid intake of 1500mls – 2000mls per day (of course if the patient has a higher fluid requirement then the amount of tins would need to be increased).

The average number of scoops of Nutilis Powder for different drinks has been used to calculate these amounts. For example, the average amount of Nutilis Powder needed for a Grade 1 liquid is 2 scoops per 200mls of fluid (average number of scoops needed for regular fluids, milk, hot fluids and supplements). If Nutilis Powder is used for foods please increase the amount of tins needed.

Click here to download and print the chart.


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