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The premier source of information for the management of patients with Dysphagia

Adding Nutilis to Food

Nutricia Consultant Chef - Neil Palliser-Bosomworth

Chef Neil Neil Palliser-Bosomworth is an independent consultant Chef working exclusively with Nutricia Medical. Previously he worked for many years in a number of NHS hospitals and as Head Chef at the Marie Curie Hospice & St Oswalds Hospice in the UK. As a result, he has vast experience of catering for a diverse patient population and their specific medical needs. In 2001 he worked with Lloyd Grossman on the UK Better Hospital Food project to develop improved menus for hospital food throughout the UK. Neil's particular medical area is Dysphagia, and he spends the majority of his time working with Nutricia to train hospital and nursing home chefs how to cater for the needs of patients with swallowing difficulties and high protein/ high energy dietary requirements. Neil also does a lot of work with Nutricia Medical research and product development to ensure their new and existing products meet the highest standards of quality and safety for patients.

Nutilis Recipes

Nutilis can be used in most foods. We have developed a wide range of recipes for you to use with patients suffering from dysphagia.

Click here to vew our recipe selection.

Adding Nutilis to Food

Foods and drinks thickened with Nutilis Powder can be chilled, frozen and reheated. Many people find it easy to make batches of food they eat relatively often and freeze the extra portions for later use (if you freeze the food in ice cube trays, it allows easy control of portions as you need only defrost and reheat as many cubes as you need for each meal).

Moulding Foods

Metal or plastic food moulds can be used to improve the presentation of texture modified meals.

Using food moulds to prepare puréed meals


      1. Add required amount of Nutilis Powder to blended food and allow to stand for 60 seconds.
      2. Spread puréed food into mould trays and remove the excess with a knife
      3. Cover each tray individually with cling film
      4. Chill hot food in the blast freezer or blast chiller
      5. Label each tray separately, stating:
  • Content of the mould
  • Date of preparation
  • Best before date (not more than three months)
  • Made by (name of person)

Freezing Instructions

Ice Cube Moulds

    1. Place in the freezer until frozen
    2. Remove food from the moulds by turning upside down and pressing out the shape

Storage Instructions

    1. Place frozen food into clean freezer bags. Do not overfill.
    2. Seal the freezer bags and label each separately, stating:
  • Content of the mould
  • Date of preparation
  • Best before date (not more than three months)
  • Made by (name of person)
    3. Reseal bags after each use to avoid freezer burns
    4. In the event of freezer burns discard food
    5. Check regularly for damage to bags and discard expired items
    6. Do not re-use bags
    7. Ensure that good stock rotation takes place

Frozen Foods / Reheating

    1. Place frozen shape on a plate, cover and defrost in fridge for two to three hours
    2. Reheat in combi oven, steamer or microwave (650w for 1-1.5 minutes)
    3. Required cooking temperature needs to be at least 75 degrees F

Cleaning Instructions

    To clean the moulds place them in hot water with detergent for 10-15 minutes or wash them in a dishwasher and store in sealed plastic bags.


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