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The premier source of information for the management of patients with Dysphagia

Dysphagia Resources for Nursing Staff

Video: Diagnosis of dysphagia

Patients with dysphagia are commonly referred to a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) for further assessment and treatment. The clinical assessment of dysphagia by a…

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Treating dysphagia

Apart from surgical interventions for restoring swallowing function, swallowing function might be restored through functional rehabilitation (dysphagia therapy). Functional swallowing rehabilitation can be divided into…

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Feeding patients with dysphagia

Positioning at Mealtimes Sit upright in erect position Make sure the patient is sitting upright as possible – prop them up with plenty of pillow…

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Video: How to feed a patient - the wrong way!

Incorrect Positions 1. Do not attempted to feed someone who is drowsy or who has fallen to on side. 2. Do not feed someone who…

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Video: How to feed a patient – the right way!

Correct Positions 1. Position resident with head in the midline, plus head and neck flexed forward. 2. Support the resident in upright midline position with…

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Video: Positioning a person in a wheelchair

Click here to download the video below.

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Not All Thickeners are the Same

1. Nutilis Powder combines starch with a gum coating to prevent salivary amylase from breaking down the starch. 2. Food and fluids thickened with standard…

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Nutilis Powder Mixing Guidelines

Below you'll find a full collection of mixing guidelines for both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Download the Nutilis Mixing Guidelines for the Republic…

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IASLT/INDI Consistency Descriptors for Modified Fluids and Foods

Download the IASLT/INDI Consistency Descriptors for Modified Fluids and Foods below...

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Nutilis Training

1. Dysphagia training for Nursing Homes Nutricia Medical provides training that facilitates the continual professional development of nurses and care attendants in the management of…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many scoops of Nutilis Powder should be used? A Healthcare professional, typically a Speech and Language Therapist,...

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IASLT / INDI Consistency Descriptors For Modified Fluids and Foods

Download the IASLT/INDI Consistency Descriptors for Modified Fluids and Foods below: Full IASLT/INDI Irish Consistency…

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06 September 2011

Educational Articles

1. A Novel Stable Isotope Approach for Determining the Impact of Thickening Agents on Water…

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25 April 2014

Dysphagia Resources for SLTs and Dietitians

Dysphagia and Malnutrition in Stroke Patients What is stroke? A stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA)…

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